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FL Combine Training at Fit Speed Athletic Performance

Fit Speed AP’s Combine and Pro Day Training programs are designed to help prospective NFL players maximize their opportunity to improve their draft status. Our staff has the Combine training experience to get the results you need. Our staff of trainers have prepared hundreds of athletes for Indianapolis or their pro day, all with incredible results. Just ask Fit Speed AP Co-Founder Brandon Marshall. Brandon decreased his 40 time .3 in 5 weeks on Matts training system. Brandon’s draft stock jumped considerably, and he’s been training with Matt ever since.

At Fit Speed Athletic Performance, our training system revolves around as much QUALITY training as possible, with emphasis on technical training followed by recovery. We accept a limited number of athletes to ensure our coach to athlete ratio stays low, and our athletes will benefit as a result. As part of Fit Speed, all of our athletes will have the opportunity to train and perform with current NFL Athletes.

In 2013, Fit Speed AP produced the 2nd most explosive WR off all time at the Indianapolis Combine (2nd behind Calvin Johnson), based on a total of all Indianapolis events. In 2014, we had two of the top wide receiver bench pressers in the country, including Cody Latimer of the Denver Broncos and in 2014 one of our athletes ran the 2nd fastest 10yd split EVER at Indy!


NFL Combine Preparatory Program

CTSP offers the most intense and disciplined NFL combine preparatory program in the Southeast. The number one goal is to prepare our athletes both physically and mentally for what lies ahead of them. We at CTSP believe in the QUALITY of results over QUANTITY of athletes.

We strive for 100% satisfaction from our clients so we limit the amount of participants to allow for a more personal experience while maximizing each and every hour we spend training. Optimizing our athletes’ mental toughness, confidence, and focus is equally important when preparing for the NFL Draft / Pro Day.

At CTSP we encourage all of our athletes to gain a mental edge over their competition through developing a winner’s MINDSET. We also understand that there is a huge difference between being an athlete and being a complete football player. There will be a sincere focus on position-specific movements and drills making sure our athletes are completely prepared for everything the combine / pro day throws your way.

For the next 4-8 weeks you will be submerged into a training regiment that will prepare you not just for the scouts but for the rest of your life. You must have a certain mindset in order be the best and at CTSP we instill that into every single one of our athletes. Be prepared for intense and complete performance training program from the best staff in the region. Be prepared to unleash the inner athlete you never knew you had. Are you ready for gains? Are you ready move faster and more fluidly than you thought your body was capable of? We’re here to push you to your absolute best in order to prepare you for the journey that lies ahead of you.

Services Include:
Linear Speed Development
Running Mechanics & Technique
Agility Training
Position-Specific Technique Work
Nutritional Consultation
Individualized Strength Training Program
Joint Integrity Techniques
Chiropractic Care
Pre/Post Workout Nutrition
Massage Therapy
Yoga / Pilates Classes

We have experience training some of the best athletes to come out of our region, including players who have traveled from far and wide. Our football resume includes numerous current NFL and CFL athletes ranging from Eric Wood and Breno Giacomini to last year’s first round pick Marcus Smith! We never settle for second best.

SSI Training

SSI Elite Combine Training is the ULTIMATE resource for your NFL Combine, Pro Day and Draft Preparations. We have built a comprehensive and proven system to prepare athletes for success. Our results-driven program features state-of-the-art facilities, experienced staff, cutting-edge science and technology, best in the business medical and nutritional professionals, expert testing and positional skill development, character coaching, and interview skills training. We are committed to seeing you perform your best at the NFL Combine and your Pro Day testing.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy expands into the array of services we provide our athletes:
Speed, agility, & quickness training —We train you how to move!
Power & plyometrics
Core training
Joint integrity
Hand-eye coordination and reaction drills
Metabolic Conditioning and Metabolic Profile Testing
Recovery & regeneration
Sports nutrition
Athlete life skills (Leadership, Accountability, Goal Setting)

World class
training center

Our world-class training center features:
Over 8,000 ft of indoor training space
Over 3,000 lbs of free weight
State-of-the art equipment & technology
Woodway Treadmills for maximum comfort, safety, and performance
Keiser Air equipment for maximal power and speed development
Cybex Arc Trainers
A vast array of exclusive, specialized equipment designed to produce athletic results
40-foot “power wall” for dynamic medicine ball and other power work
15-yard indoor speed and agility area, 40 yard outdoor area
Infrared Saunas for quick recovery & regeneration (all clients can use these unique, special saunas)
Treatment rooms for massage therapy & bodywork
Full executive style locker room
Clean, pristine, motivating environment in an extremely friendly and energizing atmosphere

We have trained them all

We have trained them all. From the 9 year old young athlete who hasn’t learned yet how to run properly, or doesn’t yet match the strength or speed of one of our top pro athletes, our team has trained thousands of athletes to PERFORM AT THEIR BEST.

Regardless of your fitness level, the Fitness Quest 10 coaches are here to help you fulfill your dreams and make them a REALITY.

Making your team
Starting for your team
Earning all-conference
Earning a college scholarship
Playing professional sports
Earning MVP in your pro league


Our state-of-the-art facility features:
Turf Fields and Speed Track
Physicians, Physical Therapy, and Sports Psychologists On-Site
Complete Nutrition Program and Meal Plans On-Site
Recovery Tubs
Olympic Lifting
Electric Timing System
Bio-Mechanical Video Analysis
Mind Body Program (Yoga, Balance, Pilates, and Flexibility Techniques)
Functional Training Methodology and Equipment


Combine Elite Package

Our most intense plan offered
Includes 6 days of training and recovery at TEST facility (athlete will spend nearly 40 hours per week at TEST preparing for Combine)
Up to 12 weeks of training
Position specific drills training offered with former NFL players
60 yard indoor turf and sprint track
Includes metabolic cardiovascular training specific to the requirements that are placed on the athlete’s body during a game situation
Relationships with local extended stay gated communities & hotels to offer complete meal plans, & shuttle/ car rental service at discounted rates

Increase Draft Value
Increase confidence knowing the athlete has given everything they have
Increase power and explosiveness and apply it to position specific drills with former pros who know exactly what it takes to get to the next level mentally and physically
Recruit every muscle fiber to maximize the athlete’s genetic potential
Focusing on metabolic training leads to increased energy stores and endurance capability
Average player in TEST Combine System has dropped 2/10ths off 40, pro agility, and 3 cone drill times, increased vertical by 3-4 inches, doubled bench reps in 8-12 weeks

Actual TEST Client Results

10-yd 40-yd Shuttle 3-Cone Vertical
Joe Flacco – QB

Pre-TEST 1.82 4.98 4.77 7.53 31
NFL Combine 1.71 4.81 4.28* 6.82* 34.5
Lydon Murtha – OL

Pre-TEST 1.78 5.03 4.88 7.76 31
NFL Combine 1.62* 4.82* 4.34* 7.06* 35
Brice McCain – DB

Pre-TEST 1.43 4.41 4.36 7.14 34.5
Pro Day 1.35 4.19 3.88 6.68 40.5

TEST Combine Video Analysis

In depth assessment of running form
In depth assessment of additional sport specific moves
Cutting edge video analysis with a performance coach
Each athlete will receive a video copy of the assessment

Immediate video feedback allows the athlete not only to feel the change, but to see it as well
Enhances awareness of what the athlete is doing well
Also enhances awareness of what needs additional attention to make the movement more efficient
The athlete can, at any time, go back to the video to be reminded of the basics

Housing available at local hotels at very reasonable rates. Pricing based on availability. Contact us ( today so we can set up your combine training and accommodations.


Over the last 20 years Brian Martin C.S.C.S. has assembled a national TEAM of specialists in Strength & Conditioning, speed training, NFL positional coaches, complete medical and physical therapy team, nutrition, massage, recovery, mental, & movement specialists with the singular goal of helping each football player reach their full potential. Brian has worked with the likes of current NFL stars like Super Bowl MVP QB Joe Flacco of the Ravens, Pro Bowl & Top 5 pick in the NFL Draft DB Patrick Peterson of the Cardinals, Pro Bowl OL Ryan Clady of the Broncos, DL Barry Cofield of the Redskins and over 200 NFL players at all positions. His TEAM of positional coaches includes: Jeff Garcia, Jay Fiedler, Jamal Lewis, Marshall Faulk, Sam Madison, Curtis McGriff and many others. B. Martin Sports primary location is in Fairfield New Jersey with 30,000 square feet and also has strategic partnerships in San Diego California with renowned trainer Todd Durkin and in Miami with former Dolphins Pro Bowl WR Chris Chambers providing players with 3 elite locations with similar methodology to create a consistent experience all over the country where players desire to train. The B. martin Sports staff is very connected with NFL teams, scouts, and insiders to help each player drive up the draft board and remain in the league for many healthy & productive years. ​


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