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Chaz Cervino, CCO and Managing Partner, Today’s Business

Chaz’s success as an All-American athlete in high school set the stage for his college success. Chaz first attended Syracuse, where he was highly recruited for his football talent. He later transferred to Hofstra University where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Communication & Rhetorical Studies.

Chaz founded Today’s Business in October 2011, after meeting Tom Ottaiano. The two went from being football teammates at Hofstra to business partners, building a multi-faceted digital marketing company. He leads Today’s Business’ team of talented individuals in business development, recruiting, and operations for all of their clients. Chaz has a love for networking and introducing individuals to one another to build relationships.

Outside of the office, Chaz is very involved with his family who he credits for all of his success. He also gives back to the community by volunteering at the Wayne B&G Club and DePaul Catholic, as well as sits on the board of NJ Roadrunner.

Tom Ottaiano, CEO and President, Today’s Business

Tommaso Ottaiano began his college career at Hofstra University and continued his education at Monmouth University, earning both his Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Business Administration. All the while he dedicated his spare time to football, serving as a captain at Hofstra, and acquiring numerous athletic awards from Monmouth University. Tom continued his efforts towards a professional football career, and in 2011 he attained his goal, signing as a Free agent to the NY Jets, and later to the Minnesota Vikings.

As his football career began to wind down, Tommaso put his focus and energy into founding an innovative digital marketing company called Today’s Business, where he currently serves as the CEO and managing partner. With the help of Tom’s leadership skills, Today’s Business is quickly becoming a leader in the ever-changing digital world. Three years since its inception, Today’s Business serves over 70 clients in nearly every business sector, and continues expand its reach.

When Tom is not acquiring new clients and leading projects, he can be found spending time with his fiancé or volunteering and mentoring today’s youth through local athletic programs.

David Schuman

Certified NFLPA Contract Advisor

Inspired Athletes a Division of NUC Sports

New York, NY


Family takes care of Family!

Dan Smith

Certified NFLPA Contract Advisor

Inspired Athletes a Division of NUC Sports

Boston, MA