Inspired Draft Process

We pride ourselves on our boutique quality of service and attention to detail. Every aspect of our strategic plan is developed specifically around you with all your goals in mind. As a member of our family you are afforded all the resources necessary to ensure you achieve your goals.

Our understanding of the National Football League and our proven knowledge of the business world allows us to be hands-on throughout the processes of managing the multiple levels of demands of the professional athlete. When you’re a member of the Inspired family we not only provide you with traditional management services, but fully invest into your life and wellbeing. We want to share our experiences to help guide you through life’s often difficult decisions. Your personal development is just as important as your development as a player.

NFL Draft Player Timeline

Stage 1

Profile Setup
December-Early January

Understanding You

  • On Field Performance

  • Injuries

  • Game Film

  • Family & Contact Info

  • Expectation Setting

  • Understanding Player Needs

Stage 2

All Star Games

Prepare & Play in All Star Games

  • Preparation

  • Game Week

  • Meeting with Coaches

  • Game Day

  • Importance


Stage 3

NFL Combine/Pro Day Prep
Mid January To Pro Day (March/April)

Preparing for NFL Combine & Pro Days

  • Combine Test Training

  • Position Training

  • Nutrition

  • Medical & Physical Therapy Support

  • Housing

  • Wonderlic Testing

  • Interview Preparation

  • Heavy PR to teams and Media Promoting

  • Player Attributes

Stage 4

Team Workout

Set up Individual Team Workouts

  • Teams that want to see more will have you work out

  • NFL Team Days

  • Promote Player to Teams for

  • Stock Increase






Stage 5

NFL Draft/Free Agent Signing
End of April/Early May

NFL Draft/Free Agent

  • Drafted

  • If not Drafted Free Agent

  • Signing

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Signing of Contract

Stage 6

NFL Rookie Camp/Symposium
May/Early June

NFL Rookie Camp

  • Prepare and Perform at High Level for Rookie Camp

  • Marketing of Player for Appearance and Team Responsibilities

  • Endorsement Marketing & Securing



Stage 7

Training Camp/Pre-Season

Training Camp/PreSeason

  • Enter Training Camp

  • Perform well at training camp and securing spot with team

  • Pre-Season Endorsement

  • Opportunities

  • Team Responsibilities

Stage 8

In Season

In Season

  • Elite Performance

  • Focus on marketing deals in season and additional player revenue sources

  • In season agent player team management

  • Player assistance for performance when needed (additional play support and relationship support)


Year Round and Career Success

  • Continuous support

  • Future and NFL Post Career support

  • Financial/Marketing/Life support

David Schuman

Certified NFLPA Contract Advisor

Inspired Athletes a Division of NUC Sports

New York, NY


Family takes care of Family!

Dan Smith

Certified NFLPA Contract Advisor

Inspired Athletes a Division of NUC Sports

Boston, MA